One of the greatest features of the video slots are the extra bonus games. They can bring much fun to the players as well as additional ways to score. While the slot games should be always entertaining they also bring many opportunities to win some great prizes.

When there are even thousands of various slot machines, there are only few types of bonuses. The most popular are being discussed in the following section. The features included in the slots can be divided into two categories, those that happen on the reels an those that occur off the reels. The first one can be approached on the standard five reels, and the second are being given on an additional screen. Another kind of a bonus is the free spin called hold and spin. As the name suggests, after some of the reels are being hold the others are have another spin. Very often the second spin is another chance of getting a bigger bonus.

However, the free spins are one of many kinds of the bonuses based on the reels. There are the wild multipliers; that can change the symbols, cascade features; making the signs fall into places, expanding wilds; which expands the reel with a wild symbol, and the slide features; where an individual sign is moving through the reels. There are multiple bonus games that can be limited only by the creativity of the game developers. With this in mind, you can be certain of the many attractions that are awaiting within the reels. One of such surprising features is the pick a box bonus game, where you can choose some of the items that are presented to win really attractive prizes. This type of bonus is available in plenty variants, one of them coming from the Jackpot Party, where you can pick the boxes till the Pooper sign appears. This type of gaming is widely known among the gaming communities. The other kinds of bonus features includes games with multi levels, where by hitting the items you can get to a next level of winnings, like in the Million Dollar Pyramid.

Another popular bonus game with the gamblers is the Wheel of Fortune. You will have to activate a specific combination to enter this type of bonus. The prizes are granted accordingly to the stops of the spinning wheel. Although there are many different kinds of this game, one of the most popular is the original video slot coming from IGT.