All casino players have now a great chance of getting instant cash rewards during the tournament campaign called “Rob the Futuriti Casino”. Starting with the 22nd of December 2015 and running until the 22nd of January 2016, there will be a total of €40,000 in the prize pool that has been segmented into the individual tournament sessions held by the Futuriti Casino.

The three disciplines in which the challengers might test their skills as well as the extra quest, present themselves as the following tournament series: Maximum Damage, Numerical Superiority, Formula for Success and A Tournament Quest. Each of those special events will bring much of the desired excitement this holiday season, as well as the highly rewarding money prizes.

There is even a guaranteed award in the form of a new iPhone 6S that will go to an unlimited number of winners, so how awesome is that; one never knows what surprises await behind the next corner of this online casino. Check out each of the special tournament sessions, with separate prize pools and numbers of possible winners that will inevitably share those piles of cash in the end.

Futuriti Tournament December 2015

Tournament “Maximum Damage”

– €20,000 prize pool

– 20 winners

– ratings are being formed upon the maximum winning value

Tournament “Numerical Superiority”

– €10,000 prize pool

– 10 winners

– ratings are being formed upon the amount of total bets (free spins inclusive)

Tournament “Formula for Success”

– €10,000 prize pool

– 10 winners

– ratings are being formed upon the total points calculated by the formula:


Tournament “A Tournament Quest”

– iPhone 6S (unlimited quantity)

– guaranteed prize that is available upon successfully completing all 6 of the special achievements (before the end of “Rob the Futuriti Casino” tournament)

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