Everyone who sings for the upcoming promotion is going to get the chance to win the incredible amount of €10,000. Just as the World Cup in Brazil is going to start on the 12th of June, the casino is going to launch the tournament for every party interested in both, gambling and football.

The Reels de Janeiro will start with the action and the total prize pool of €175,000, from which 75 of the best players are going to receive their share. The top 5 will acquire €10,000 each, so it really raises the stakes of competitive gaming.

One of the most celebrated sport themed video slot games that is Shoot!, will be the next host of the promotion and the game responsible for taking control of the tournament. The campaign starts right on the June 12th and will end on the 31st of July.

Tournament June 2014

The players can opt for the competition by buying an initial buy-in for €10 that will give them 15 minutes of the gameplay, that equals to the amount of 50 spins. The 500 re-buys in total are worth €20 individually, with 5 special add-ons for €10 and expanding the extra 30 spins or 15 minutes of playtime.

The slot game of Shoot! Is a standard approach to the football game and the one of the all time classics, attended at many online casinos. Thanks to the multi-layer bonus system, the game offers some quite interesting incentives, as well as the 35 free spins going along with it.

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