2019 sounds like a rather exciting number, so this year might yet prove to be quite memorable. Still, there can be some interesting ways to make it much more than that, and what better place to look for those opportunities – than the Royal Panda casino. Casino Royal Panda is an established and successful gambling trademark, that has been operating on the internet ever since the inception of its immensely popular online casino. Where others seek to make profits out of this business, RoyalPanda is expanding its gaming portfolio and encourages its guests to play the games they actually enjoy. But that is not all, as the casino is constantly looking for new ways to improve that experience, offering many exciting rewards for just being bold enough to make a step further.

Royal Panda has also been able to provide a safe space for its players, giving them a chance to play online games in a friendly environment; where they can always rely on the technologies used here – to provide a decent chance to win. With so many unique slot machines and table games, this only proves how much this kind of experience can bring to this activity. For once, you can have a pleasant gaming session, which in turn offers some nice attractions as well. One of the ongoing campaigns in which the players can participate on a regular basis, is the Lucky 21 promotion.

Based on blackjack and available on the 21st day of every month, the Lucky 21 promo comes with three prizes worth €210 each. That should provide an incentive for any player who wants to regularly participate in the many games that are carried out by the RoyalPanda casino. Anybody can achieve that by playing Blackjack or Live Blackjack VIP, and getting a winning hand with the two first cards. The total prize fund for the Lucky21 is €630, whereas the minimum bet required to participate would be €5. Join the live blackjack tables and see to it that you play this all time classic by becoming a member of this casino, provided that you are not one already – which in this case would still come with a few other benefits (like the welcome bonus package on a first deposit). The promotion will be subjected to specific terms, conditions, and other requirements – which can be found on the official casino website.

Royal Panda Casino

Promotion: Lucky 21

Available: 21st of every month

Games: Blackjack / Live Blackjack VIP

Prizes: 3x €210

Total Fund: €630

Minimum Bet: €5

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