With the summer getting into its pinnacle, it is most fitting that the time should come for a real great event. So it is with the recent activity at the Golden Riviera online casino, where all the attendees are going to witness an exciting competition.

The casino is quite famous around the gambling communities and now you too have a chance to experience some really beneficial gaming sessions on your very own. The 20K Slots Tournament launches this month and by taking part in it, you will be submitted for the great prize which pool contains an astounding amount of €20,000, from which the best players gets even €4,000.

Microgaming freeroll

All that will be required from the players in order to participate in the Free Roll Slot Tournament, is registering for the competition that takes place from the 8th of August 2014 and concludes on the August 22nd.

You will have a lot of time to take your chances with the games and become an ultimate winner who takes the share back home. Join right now and be part of the satisfied group of gamblers, that openly enjoys their bountiful winnings.

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