The new year is finally here, and what that means for everyone out there looking for a fresh start; more opportunities to turn around life, keep on evolving and make much better progress. Since the last year was quite tragic, all of us are hoping that this one could be at least a little better. Before things start to getting back to normal however, one must still think of all the things could help in making that happen. Just as important as all of this is, one must always remember to take some time off and relax in order to keep on going.

If you would like to take a break now, then there are endless possibilities where you can still browse for some of the goodies, having a fun time altogether. One of such places, is none other than the Drake Casino itself; a source of all the grand entertainment, as well as a couple of other things that would let you explore the world of online gambling quite efficiently. Seems like you're just in time for the opening of the Monthly Tournament as well, because that is one of those events that will let you win some bonus cash.

And play some incredible games too, because each tourney comes with a different slot that's featured throughout the entire month. Speaking of which; the game for January 2021 is “Lucky Orbit”, so get ready for a space adventure, because you are about to be launched into a galaxy filled with games. But there are many more promotions coming to Casino Drake, including ongoing tournaments in which you can participate right now. The best way to do that, is when you sign up for the newsletters, and get fresh bonus offers and promotional updates directly to your inbox. All terms and conditions are available on the casino's website.

Jazz Sports Casino

Campaign: Monthly Tournament

Game: “Lucky Orbit” slot

Software: Arrow's Edge

Prize Pool: $15,000

Duration: 01-31/01/2021

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