The year 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of Vista Gaming, the company behind such successful online casinos as Vegas Crest. Celebrations are in order and that would go on for the entire year, bringing a total of $240,000 in result. With so many gifts to acquire, the players can get a share of this astronomical sum that would be available in $20,000 for grabbing each month of 2016.

Could you believed that it has already been 20 years, since Vista Gaming established itself as a fine gambling operator that now offers plenty games of chance, most of which are offered by the Vegas Crest Casino still to this day. By taking part in the grand celebration, players can always look forward to some fantastic money prizes, with $20,000 every single month, as the whole bonus value counts up to $240,000 in total. According to personal rankings, players with the highest number of spins or hands played at the Vegas Crest online casino, are able to take a share of these valuable rewards back home. The cash is distributed for the highest positions achieved during a single month, just as presented by the following table.

20 years Tournament

1st place: $2,000 (cash)

2nd place: $1,500 (cash)

3rd place: $1,000 (cash)

4th-10th places: $500 (casino bonus)

11th-20th places: $300 (casino bonus)

21st-30th places: $200 (casino bonus)

31st-60th places: $100 (casino bonus)

61st-100th places: $50 (casino bonus)

101st-200th places: $20 (casino bonus)

If you plan to spend this year someplace in particular, then you have to take Vegas Crest under consideration, for it would be a tremendous opportunity to take part in some exciting challenges and win huge piles of cash at that too. The 20th Anniversary Tournament will reward the top 200 players who gain the most spins or hands in the games featured by Vegas Crest casino.

* Spins would be counted from the first until the last day of each month

* Prizes are available to players who have made a single real money deposit

* There is no rollover for cash prizes

* Bonus prizes come with a rollover of 40x

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